Wandering Women.


It all started when…

I had an idea. An idea to showcase all the wonderful women in my life, those women that have had an impact on my life in small or big ways, and who inspire me beyond anything they could imagine, just by being them.

And when I was thinking about those inspiring women, I discovered that there was one thing that they all had in common, a thread which connected them all to each other, even though they didn’t know each other; their fearless and adventurous spirit. For the women I admire are the women who take a leap of faith, who embrace the unknown and go after what they want even if that means leaving the safety and comfort of home. All of these women have followed their hearts and are living and calling home countries where they were not born. They have adopted a new lifestyle, moving for various reasons such as work, love, opportunity, family obligation etc.

These women are living life to the full and on their own terms and I can’t wait to share with you, dear reader, their journey from their home country to their adopted country, the highs, the lows and getting to the heart of what led them to make the leap and what keeps them following their dreams.

Come back soon to read about my first interviewee and her journey from Austria to London, Hong Kong and Sydney.