Magnolias in May

Hi there, I’m Natalie. I’m so glad you’ve found yourself here, my happy place.

This blog is where I pour out my thoughts, share my feelings and bring you on my journey.

So, who am I? Good question. In no particular order, here is a quick summary:

Welsh, lawyer, mummy to Delilah, wife to Jon, aspiring traveller and wine and prosecco drinker. I’m also an avid family documentarian so I’ve usually got my camera in someone’s face (mostly Delilah’s to be fair) and I’m a bit OCD about documenting life in chronological order. Order makes me happy!

The title of my blog comes from my favourite time of year. I absolutely love seeing the magnolias in full bloom in early Spring. That’s when I know winter is over and I can look forward to longer days, lighter nights and, for me, it’s a happier time of year.

Enjoy my musings and I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts.